Paola Anselmi

Paola Anselmi is a teacher, program administrator, author, and teacher trainer. She studied early childood music education with E. Gordon and B. Bolton in USA and Spain and with Giovanni Piazza in Italy; she has dedicated her work in serving as a music educator for children, founder and coordinator of the international project Musica in Culla in Italy and Spain, teacher trainer and presenter in conservatories, hospitals, universities, public and private institutions in Italy, Spain, Palestine, Greece, Cyprus and Israel. Paola’s work focuses on the task of transforming the importance of music in a child’s life and development into reality in children’s lives. She has been interested for years to different cultures and musical traditions, experimenting on the language of music as an element of integration, communication and development in several European countries and beyond.

She is the founder of ‘Musicullanti Ensemble’, a performers group giving concerts for early childhood. She was part of the team of ‘Musichild Project’, the European Erasmus+ Project about early childhood music education  in Mediterranean countries. She is member of a researchers and trainers group called OVMM (One Vision Many Mirrors), USA,  Brazil, Israel, Korea, that works on different music cultural perspectives starting from a same ‘thinking’ about music education.

Since 2004 she participates to a Project ‘Notes of Peace’, going once time each year teaching and living music (conferences, workshops and music classes) with teachers and children in Israel and Palestine (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other places).

She published several articles about early childhood music education for books and magazines; and published, also, some books about ‘music practices and activities’ with children from 0 to 6.