Bouchra Béchéalany

Dr Bouchra BÉCHÉALANY is Associate Professor (titular) at Lebanese University-Faculty of Education, Lebanon.

Member of the Center of Musical Traditions in the Arab Mashreq and Around the

Mediterranean at Antonine University-Faculty of Musicology, Lebanon,

Member of Récomuses Association (Réseau-Cognition-Musique-Société-

Enseignement-Santé), at Paris-Sorbonne University, France.

2009: PHD in Musicology-Sciences of Musical Education, Paris-Sorbonne

University, with honors, defending a thesis entitled “Hearing integration for some characteristics of Oriental maqām Scales to Lebanese Children between Eight and

Twelve Years”.

2011: PHD ranking from France as a Lecturer Professor.

2011: PHD ranking from Lebanon (Lebanese University) as an Associate Professor.

Several research papers published in specialized scientific periodicals.